The mission of hccp

To provide executive-level Human Resources consulting and publications services at the highest level of quality possible to both for-profit and non-profit organizations, allowing them to focus more on their core organizational visions and missions.

HCCP prides itself in distinguishing and establishing itself as an industry leader by staffing itself ONLY with seasoned Human Resources professionals with the highest level of formal expertise, experience, and education/certifications.

HCCP clearly distinguishes itself by embracing and welcoming the certain areas of services that are often seen as “too complicated” or “risky” by other Human Resources “consulting” or “outsourcing” companies.

More importantly, HCCP’s core value and management philosophy is to deliver services to its clients at the highest level of quality attainable with meticulous attention to detail, timely responses, and attentive customer service and follow-up care by incorporating the best of customer service philosophies and practices around the world. This is our corporate guarantee.

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