Let's admit it. Besides managing money, what is THE number one source of agony and heartache for ALL employers, small or big, for-profit or non-profit? Employee relations (ER).

It can be a group of hard-working employees who have problems with a "mean" supervisor. It can be the most personable employee who just isn't an efficient worker. It can be an employee or a supervisor who is a mismatch for the job. It can be an alleged discrimination or a harassment case. It can be an unhappy employee saying, "I am going to call my lawyer."

Sound familiar? Do any of them make you want to run for the nearest bottle of anti-acid? Don't let it happen to you! Leave it to the erSQUAD™ (pronounced "eee-arrrSQUAD," not "urrrrSQUAD")!

Handling complicated ER issues can be tricky, even to the most experienced managers. They DREAD getting involved in ER issues, and some will do anything just avoid them, hoping that they will go away on their own.

You may have an internal HR person, but it's no secret that even the HR person isn't going to be too thrilled to get involved in ER cases because of:

  • The time taken away from his/her already busy schedule
  • Taking and typing detailed notes
  • Drafting and issuing various documents
  • Conducting and facilitating mediation meetings, etc

Mishandling ER issues can:

  • Tank the staff morale
  • Waste time for both the employee and the management
  • Set a bad precedent for resolving future ER issues
  • Increase the risk for legal complications and costs (in thousands, sometimes, in millions of dollars)
  • Trigger excruciatingly-painful investigations and audits from government agencies (e.g., OSHA, EEOC, IRS)

When you call the erSQUAD™, it will come to your site with its customized erSQUAD™ Toolkit to do all of the challenging (and tedious) work for you! erSQUAD™ is:

  • An one-stop, turn-key approach in resolving ER issues
  • A systematic, cost-effective method
  • A professional way in resolving ER issues in a fair, objective manner

erSQUAD™ is not:

  • An "advocate" for anyone
  • A tool to terminate specific employees
  • A tool to bring about a specific outcome
  • A group of attorneys or legal professionals

But, erSQUAD™ Toolkit includes access to one of the most prestigious Labor Law Firms in the country, just in case. So, don't get to the point of no return! Call the erSQUAD™, today!

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